I’m not sure where I heard this theory, but it is so very true. Start your day by eating the frog, and you are empowered to take on the rest of the day. (What? Really? Ribbit?!?) We have been doing some cold-calling this week, and I am fairly certain that you will never find ‘cold-calling’ on anyone’s top-ten list of favorite things to do.

There is a lot of success tied to making our calls this week, lots of long-term financial success, but that still doesn’t create a whole lot of enthusiasm for the smiling & dialing. It is very easy to keep doing other things, constantly bumping the call-making down the to-do list; even thought we know very well that the calls are the one thing this week that can have a lasting effect on our success.

The calls to be made are a big, green frog sitting on our desk, looking us right in the eyes. Ribbit. And we know that before the day is done, we will have to pick him up and eat him. Chew him, swallow him whole, it doesn’t matter much…you just gotta eat him. Ribbit!? None of us are very excited about the concept of choking ol’ Kermit down, but it has to be done today. Just part of the job.

We have two options. We could leave him on our desk all day as we go about all the other things we’d rather do (looking at him, thinking about him, avoiding eye contact, and dreading the experience). Worrying all day as we try to keep busy, avoiding the inevitable. OR, we could walk into the office, flip on the light, walk over to the desk, pick the frog up, and throw him down the hatch before we have even been in the office fifteen seconds. Done. Cross that off the list.

By the way, two things happen when you select the second option. You get to cross “Eat the Frog” off your list, freeing you up, undistracted, for everything else in your day. And, even more amazing, is the empowerment you ‘ll get from starting the day with the one thing that everyone else in your office will spend the entire day trying to avoid. When you start the day by “Eating the Frog,” how much easier does that make everything else on your list seem?

Go forth and eat your frog, make your cold-calls, have the tough conversations, and give yourself power. Ribbit.

(No animals were harmed in the creation of this blog.)