We have been implementing some changes in the past few weeks. New systems, new ideas, new ways of doing thiings. Fresh concepts from new people on the team. Good stuff. It is training and learning about things we have been doing for a long time. It’s not that we haven’t been successful at what we have been doing, but who wouldn’t want to get better? To grow? To learn a new trick?

I believe that’s a big part of staying young. Young at heart. Young in mind. Young in spirit. Young in energy. Maybe ‘young’ is the wrong word. ‘Fresh’ seems more appropriate. Who wants to get stale when fresh is an option?

New tricks, better ways, learning and growing are mental Botox. They keep your mind tight, flexible, pretty, and happy. Once you think you already know it all, you’re throwing in the towel of life.

We live in exciting times. Get out there and take a big old bite out of something new.