This little nugget of e-mail wisdom is worth it's weight in gold. It really applies to any form of electronic communication. Texting, Facebook messaging, you name it. There are just too many ways to share this stuff. For extreme examples just ask Brett Favre or Anthony Weiner (the irony of his name still cracks me up), and now Pete Hanson.

I took a picture in my bedroom with my iPhone the other night and sent it (I thought) to my wife. However, I instead delivered it to an email distribution list which consisted of half of my co-workers. Fortunately for everyone involved it was a picture of our angry and exhausted cat, asleep on the bed after a night of being locked out in the garage.

You don't want to have to learn this lesson the hard way. I'm trying to save you here. It's true for pictures, and it's true for words. Don't send an email you don't want the whole world to see.

(And look for our cat Lucy to appear in the latest texting scandal on Animal Planet News.)

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