Could the end result of the 2012 presidential election be a split Romney-Biden White House? Well, the answer is, 'unlikely, but yes.'  If neither Obama nor Romney captures the necessary 270 electoral college votes following today's voting (say a 269-269 tie), then a scenario sets into motion that could produce those very results.

The next level of responsibility would actually fall on the electoral college when they meet on December 17th. If they were unable to produce a presidential winner, then according to the U.S. constitution, the newly elected House of Representatives would select the president. The assumption is that the likely Republican majority in the House would elect Mitt Romney. However, it is the job of the U.S. Senate to elect the vice-president, and the estimates there are that a likely Democratic majority would vote in Joe Biden, giving you the Romney-Biden White House.

Unlikely. Possible. VOTE!