You have two weeks. Two weeks until you must either make a decision on who you choose to be our next president or forfeit your vote. All the debates are done, we think we know what each candidate stands for, and quite honestly I think most of us are ready for all the election "drama" to be over with. But there is still no clear favorite to win, so every vote counts. Do you know who you are voting for?

You would think with only two weeks until election day everyone would have their mind made up. That must not be the case because both candidates are hightailing it to all the battleground states to push as hard as ever to get crucial votes to win those states.

It’s setting up to be the tightest presidential election in the history of the United States. Based on current polls from Rasmussen and CBS News, if the election happened Sunday swing states New Hampshire would go to Mitt Romney and Pennsylvania would go to President Barack Obama. Virginia, Florida, Iowa and North Carolina would go to the Republican ticket. Wisconsin, Nevada and Ohio would go to the Democrats.

Under that scenario Obama would win the election with 271 electoral votes to Romney’s 258 even before calling the Colorado vote. Colorado is currently trending toward Romney. There are dozens of other scenarios that could make Colorado the deciding vote, so right now the state is far from being written off.