Loveland Police have been investigating numerous reports of local debit and credit card fraud in Loveland and throughout Northern Colorado in the last several weeks.

Officials are now investigating a link in the breach of data containing debit and credit card numbers involving a hacking of Metrolux 14 Theatre’s parent company. The investigation is ongoing to determine who hacked the parent company’s data. Metrolux 14 employees legally ran the debit and credit cards. After that data was stored, it was hacked and investigators are working to find out where and who hacked into that information. 

MetroLux employees legally ran credit and debit cards through readers before the unidentified outside organization obtained financial information for use in fraudulent transactions. The theater made changes to remove the breach, the representative said, and all systems are secure.

Police do not yet know the number of people affected by this specific breach, Loveland Police Department spokesman Sgt. Mike Halloran said. That information will come out in approximately 10 days after forensic analysis of the case is complete and authorities know when fraudsters stole the card numbers.

It is not yet known who or what organization attacked MetroLux’s system, Halloran said.

You should always keep an eye on your debit and credit card accounts by checking charges on them regularly. If you expect any suspiscious activity on your accounts you should call the customer service number on the back of your card or your financial institution as soon as you can.

If you believe your account information was part of this hacking, you are encouraged to contact the Loveland Police Department at 970-667-2151.