The Colorado Lottery is now worth $476,000,000. You would think that if you won even chunk of that you'd be flush with cash for life, right? Well, more than 1,900 of Florida's lottery winners were bankrupt within 5 years of winning their prize.

If that number seems ridiculous, it isn't just Florida lottery winners that have trouble hanging on to the money. Here are 10 lottery winners, all whose prizes exceeded $1 million who lost it all.

Then you have Lottery Changed My Life, an A and E TV show that actually shows the fabulous side of winning the jackpot.

The cliche of 'be careful what you wish for' always returns to the situation. Riches? Yes! Luxurious homes and cars? Check! Happiness? Maybe. Maybe not. Chances are, if happiness wasn't with us before the lottery, it probably won't be after.

What would you do with the money?