YouTube user have made and uploaded videos for just about every occasion, mood, question, joke, and really anything else you can think of. The latest phenomenon on the popular video site is a bit more disturbing than those in the past though. Girls as young as 10, and some boys, asking the same question on YouTube, "Am I pretty or ugly?" 

The original video posted back in December of 2010 has more than 4 million views and more than 107,000 anonymous, often hateful responses to the young girl that shows off her big, comfy koala hat, forms playful hearts with her fingers, shows off numerous picture of herself in different poses, and drops the question, do you think I am pretty or ugly? "A lot of people call me ugly, and I think I am ugly. I think I'm ugly, and fat," she confesses in a tiny voice as she invites the world to decide.

Somewhere around 1,000 other videos have popped up on YouTube asking the same question. Some experts in child psychology and online safety wonder whether the videos represent a new wave of distress rather than simple self-questioning or pleas for affirmation or attention.

The most unnerving part of the whole story is the nasty responses, which creators had to have expected. Commenters curse and declare them "attention whores," ask for sex and to see them naked. They wonder where their parents are and call them "fugly" and worse.

YouTube does have 13-and-over age policy, but it seems to be ignored as most of the videos are being made by kids clearly younger then 13. These videos can lead to numerous physiological issues future problems according to psychologists. Parents are urged to monitor what  their kids are doing online and put a stop to this disturbing trend.

The original "AM I PRETTY OR UGLY?" video...