I assure you that you have never heard a Cello sound like this. Elton John was so blown away with 2Cellos he immediately hired them for his band.

2Cellos is comprised of Croatians Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser and as their name would imply, they play the Cello, but not the style you would think. In fact, Elton John was so blown away after hearing these two guys he decided on the spot that he had to have them in his band and when Sir Elton John wants you in his band, you join the band.

To illustrate Elton John's point even further, he said he has never seen anything like it since he first saw Jimi Hendrix play live. 2Cellos has been seen worldwide on about every TV show you can think of and have played with many well known, respectable musicians.

You will be mesmerized at their talent for covering some of the worlds best known rock songs, a lot of AC/DC but their rise to fame in 2011 was when they did 'Smooth Criminal' by Michael Jackson song. (They also covered 'Hurt" by Johnny Cash) These two cats have done many video's and have covered some of the best rock songs known to man. Check out their Facebook page and YouTube for more videos.