I suppose they are better than not dressing up for a Halloween party, but some costumes are so clearly thrown together at the last moment that the only compliment you can pay them is "Well, you are dressed up."

Usually, the laziest of costume creators hope for 'clever'. For this, we defer to the man who did lazy and clever better than anyone--Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) from the office.

Sometimes there are more important things going on than putting together a good Halloween costume. Hey, October is my busiest month, so I don't really have time to put together a great costume. Luckily, I am a DJ, so a Halloween costume is a write off for me. Would I spend good money on a costume were I not leading the party on Halloween weekend? Depends on the party. Have I put together worse Halloween costumes than the ones I'm showing here. Probably.

Flickr - CarbonNYC
 The 'Mix-of-Things-That-Don't-Really-Fit-Together-But-Does-Bring-Something-From-the-Culture' Costume

This one was listed as Scary Identity Thief. Yes, identity theft is scary. Yes, we would probably be scared of a guy wearing panty hose on his head. But identity thieves don't do stick ups. They do it from afar, so no need for the face concealment (I unfortunately speak from experience). Also, is that a prison number on the shirt? If they've been caught and convicted, they are no longer scary, right? Then there's the vampire teeth. Why? But, I do have to say that this guy looks like a nice person, and I'd still like to party with him.





Flickr - Petroleum Jelliffe
The 'I-Sort-of-Look-Like-the-Star-of-a-Movie' Costume

Okay, I am guilty of this, because I have a leather jacket and an Indiana Jones looking hat, so I have simply put them on for Halloweens past. But since I did that in the times before digital cameras, I am going to use this guy from flickr.com. I know the thought. "I have long black hair like Wayne from Wayne's World. I have a black hat. I can paste some writing on the hat and I'm done." Well, at least it's a character with plenty of catchphrases. I wonder how many times his friends heard 'Party on' that night.







Flickr - Thirteen of Clubs
The 'If-it-weren't-for-my-name-tag-and-mask-you'd-have-no-clue-why-I-am-dressed-this-way' Costume

I hate to tear down, but this is an epic fail. On flickr.com, it's listed as Mitt Romney, the Missionary years. Okay, we can see that with the name tag. Yep, he has a Mitt mask. But why no shirt? And while we're rooting through closets to find something like gold pants, why not make a few calls and see if we have any friends with short sleeve white button downs and black ties, like Mormon missionaries actually wear. How about a bicycle helmet? I'm assuming that the gold pants signify something about Mitt's wealth, or maybe this guy is like me and just doesn't have enough reasons during the year to wear really tight pants.