Have you ever noticed the "Green River Ordinance Strictly Enforced" sign as you approach Windsor from the west on Highway 392? That sign had me asking, "what is a Green River Ordinance?" Does it have to do with irrigating, keeping the rivers clean, keeping your lawn green? No, actually none of the above. The Green River Ordinance has to do with door-to-door soliciting.

I found some fun"No Soliciting" signs and did some research on the Green River Ordinance.

It's against the law for door-to-door solicitors to knock on your door in Windsor, well, with a few exceptions. In order to enforce the ordinance in Windsor, a property owner must have a clear "No Soliciting" sign posted on their door. It doesn't count if your apartment complex or HOA has one sign posted in the common area of your property.

In 2009, the Supreme Court revised how the police can enforce the law. You used to report solicitors anonymously, that is not longer the case, according to Windsor Police Chief, John Michaels, in an article.

“Now, our complainants must give us their name and address and they must have that sign on their door,” Michaels said. “The solicitors must also have knocked on that door before we can cite them.”

Simply put, Michaels said, is if a door is posted with No Solicitors” or “No Trespassing” signs and the vacuum cleaner salesman visits for the purpose of making a sale, it is a violation of the Green River Ordinance. If the property is not posted with those signs, it is no longer a violation of the law.

Some organizations are exempt from the law, including non-profits, religious organizations and political organizations, regardless of if a "No Soliciting" sign is posted or not.