The Windsor Severance Fire Department will be featured on a nationally televised show on the USA Networks called "The Choir". The people of the Department are led by choirmaster Gareth Malone.

Everyone singing, around 20-25 folks, are associated with the fire department in some way, and the majority of the choir are the firefighters. The show has been filming about a week and will air on USA later in the spring.

The Choir will be staging a live performance on December 5 at Windsor High School, and they want to have a huge audience of supporters. One of the firefighters has pledged to donate her entire check for the month of January to a children's charity if 100 uniformed personnel will attend the performance.

Hear my interview with Captain Todd Vess, one of the firefighters who is singing in the choir

I am friends (Facebook and otherwise) with a couple of the guys on the squad and have seen them sending out invites to encourage people to join the taping.

The original series was a huge hit in Britain on the BBC. USA Network has picked it up and is doing a series in America. WSFR was in the audition phase for several months with other fire departments across the country. WSFR was chosen and has 7 days to go from complete amateurs to a full performance.