American Family Insurance has been using a lot of ‘pop’ songs in their advertising lately. Philip Phillips’ ‘Home’ is a great example.

Their latest one, over the last few weeks, has a great song as well. The commercial talks about insuring your dreams- and the song that goes with it is ‘Dare To Dream’. The song really gets me fired up! I thought the voice and song were familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  I now have the answer!

Dare To Dream’ is done by JoDee Messina!  JoDee has been around for over 15 years- mostly in the Country music genre. Her first hit was in 1996: ‘Heads Carolina, Tails California’. Other hits include ‘Lesson In Leaving’, ‘Bye, Bye’ and ‘Because You Love Me’. Her song ‘Dare To Dream’ comes off of her ‘Burn’ album from 2000.

How ‘Dare To Dream’ came to be in the American Family Insurance commercial- I don’t know. I can speculate though, that either she has a great agent (she did get booked to sing the National Anthem at the 2014 Kentucky Derby); or someone on the ad team did a Google search ‘dream songs’ and this one came up. However it happened, it’s a good fit!