I thought it wasn't possible, but apparently, if there is enough snow, the resorts will reopen the lifts, dust off the helmets and let us ski and ride again in 2013. Here are the resorts who are reacting to the amazing snow we've gotten recently and are reopening for this weekend (April 19-21).


Breck will open limited terrain for this weekend. Don't worry about the 'limited' part. It is among their best acreage on Peak 8.


Vail is opening about 2400 acres for an amazing weekend of spring turns.

Copper Mountain

Copper is responding to the public's cry for MORE, and will be open this weekend. For that, we thank them!

Here is a video from last week at Copper.

Of course, it should be noted the there are two Summit County resorts that are always open at this time of year....

The Legend is legend for a reason. It's a high elevation paradise that is one of the few places we can ski corn snow in the spring without hiking. They are open, and will be for some time to come.

Loveland Ski Area is one of the first to open, and then one of the last to close. This year is no exception.