It's time to end my longest chapter of continuous dwelling in Northern Colorado. Sarah and  I have received an offer on our house that we are going to take, and will be out of the place we've called home since 2005.

That's a long time, and even before that, I always called Old Town Fort Collins home. I have never lived anywhere outside of it since I moved here in 2002, and am considering other areas, even other towns for the first time.

I don't really care where we end up, I care how we end up. Basically, I just want us to be happy. So, my mind is open and we are willing to try just about anything that fits some pretty simple criteria.

  • We need a fenced yard or a good spot for our dog, Della, to spend time.
  • We'd like 2-3 bedrooms
  • We'd like to save a bit of money as we'll be looking to buy something in the fall
  • Must have a garage

I am a big fan of funky, weird, out of the ordinary, yet still functional, sustainable, and comfortable. I would also love to be within striking distance of I 25. I live in Colorado for the mountains, but I don't want to move up there quite yet.

It's an exciting prospect to be moving somewhere new.

I would love to hear your thoughts on neighborhood choices, ideas for cool places to live, and experiences that you've had living in this beautiful spot we are so lucky to call home!

Leave them in the comments below, or email