Have you ever wondered how they can handle recycling your cans, bottle, plastic and paper when you put them all in the same single stream bin? I have. While I know nothing about recycling except that I should do it, I can use common sense to know assume that the processes of recycling tin and recycling paper are probably very different.

It turns out that they are. In fact there is a facility that is entirely devoted to sorting all of our single stream waste into separate streams so that aluminum can be made into more aluminum, plastic can be made into carpet, and paper can be made into more paper. It serves a few different areas of this region, and Larimer County and the City of Fort Collins are included.

After the streams leave our homes, they go to the Waste Managment Materials Recovery Facility(referred to as MRF, like 'Murph' by those in the loop) in North Denver. Tour the facility with Paul and you'll see that when it comes to disposal, we are really on the right track!!

The great news is that the City of Fort Collins recently announced that paper cartons that hold things like milk and juice can now be recycled! Hooray! Click here to listen to Paul's interview about it.

Click here for a list of recyclable items with the City of Fort Collins.