Mine, is Backward Starfish! I'll take it!

What's YOUR 'Craft Beer' name?

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Living in Northern Colorado, the whole state for that matter, puts me in a great area for loving craft beer! Upwards of 80 new micro-breweries have opened up in Colorado since January (whoa!) That can make a person very busy trying to get around and try them all, so WHY NOT have my own 'Craft Beer' name!

Craft beers always have those great strange names- just the other day, I had an "Anarchy" while my girlfriend enjoyed a "Moses" at 4 Noses Brewing in Broomfield.  It's all part of the fun of the micro brewing industry! The Coloradoan has come up with one of those ‘name generators’ where you type in a couple bits of info – and voila.. “Your craft beer name is “Dinkle Winkle” –(or something like that.)

Mine, turns out to be BACKWARD STARFISH.

I hope I’m an IPA, I really enjoy an IPA.

What’s yours? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT - then let us know!