I've definitely seen a lot of movies.  My dad and I used to see a different one at the theater every weekend!  So when some co-workers and I were talking about the first movie we ever saw, I had to reach back through a lot of movie memories.

To my dismay, I don't have a really clear memory of my first movie experience ever.  I remember looking up show times in the paper with my dad, and I definitely remember seeing an ad for The Little Mermaid.  I asked my dad while writing this, and he said my first movie was definitely a Disney cartoon, so maybe that was it! (UPDATE: My parents have come to the agreement that the first movie I ever watched was "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids." I'm kind of relieved; because as secure as I am in my own masculinity, I was still hoping my first exposure to cinema wasn't a singing mermaid.

I definitely remember another movie first, though: the first movie I saw on DVD.  My family's first DVD player was on our computer, and I was determined to use it!  I went to Blockbuster (remember those?) and picked up the latest special effects-driven sci-fi action-fest, The Fifth Element.  I remember it so well because when I tried to play it, there was no picture!  I could hear the movie, but couldn't see it.  It was torture!  I took the disc back to the store and exchanged it, then called computer tech support before realizing that the computer screen just wasn't set up correctly.  Finally, I could enjoy the movie, and enjoy it I did.  Even today, The Fifth Element is one of my all-time favorite movies.

So what was the first movie you ever saw, on VHS, DVD, or just overall?  Do you remember?