With Halloween right around the corner, and Monster Bash coming up even sooner, it seems like everyone here at the station has their Halloween costume nailed down.  Everyone, that is, except for me.  I struggle with this every year.  I go back and forth between two or three ideas; but can't make a decision until it's too late, and by then there's no time to actually put something together.  This year will be different, though, because I have some help: YOU!

I've narrowed my Halloween costume ideas down to the options below.  They're not very elaborate, but Halloween costumes aren't exactly in the wedding budget!

Vote for your favorite.  I'll wear the one with the most votes to Monster Bash!

Image credits:

  • Doctor Who - Magnus D, Flickr
  • Jimmy Buffet - Rick Diamond, Getty Images
  • Sherlock Holmes - ell brown, Flickr