If any celebrity showed up at a wedding I was the DJ for, I would definitely want to pay tribute. The thing about having John Travolta at one of my weddings would be that I wouldn't have to change my playlist much.

I already play 70's disco like Stayin' Alive. I'd probably add 'Saturday Night Fever'. I don't play that one as much as Stayin' Alive because the former gets more people moving, but it's from one of the biggest movies Travolta was in in the 70's.

After that, another that I play (late in the night) on a pretty regular basis is from his other smash hit 'Grease'.

You're the one that I want is a real crowd pleaser! Tell me about it, stud.

John (who was reportedly in Georgia to renew one of his pilot's licenses) met a couple who was to be married the next day. They invited him to their big day and he actually showed up -- wearing the same clothes as the night before -- to wish the happy couple the best of luck and take photos with the revelers, all of which was detailed in a Reddit post.

In a plain black tee and baseball cap, John was slightly underdressed. (He may have been coming from a massage or something.) Regardless, everyone looked thrilled to see him.

Maybe he needs to pair up with notorious party crasher Bill Murray, find some private gatherings and bring more magical memories into the world.

Check out the party pics below.