Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 every year.

This has been happening since 1970. Why we don't worship the ground we walk on is something I don't understand, and it is shocking to me that it took until 1970 for us to look around and go "Hey, this rock ain't half bad, maybe we should give it its own day!" We still don't get off school or work for it, but hey, it's only the Earth. If we weren't here, we'd be...well, never mind.

I'm letting a little bit of sarcasm fly, because I'm a big fan of Earth Day, and I do feel it doesn't get its due. I mean, look at the other 'sort of' celebrated holidays it is lumped with. April Fool's Day is right next to Earth Day in my poll. Something's a bit off there, but it's the same category. We kind of make a big deal out of it, but not to the point where federal employees don't have to work.