It's snowing!!! It's only the first full week of October but we are already seeing some of the white flaky stuff falling from the sky, and it may be more welcomed than ever this year after an extremely hot, dry summer. Although we cant quite head up the mountain to ski or snowboard quite yet, the snow has us thinking about it. Where is your favorite place to go ski?

Sure, lounging on a white-sandy beach is relaxing for many, but for others it's the snowy adventures found on the slopes that spells paradise. Maybe we will just skip fall this year in Colorado? Apparently Mother Nature has been getting the hint that we are ready for this year’s ski season and has subsequently started dumping the color white upon the Front Range in October. Most likely Coloradoans will be dusting off their skis and boards as well as buying their season passes in anticipation for a seriously epic year of riding champagne powdery goodness in the peaks of Colorado.