What is the first question kids always ask each other when they meet up for trick-or-treating? Who is giving out the best candy? Here are my 5 favorites that I always wished I could have seen more of in my trick-or-treat bag.

  • Snickers Bars (Or any full-sized candy bars)

    The full-sized candy bar is like the holy-grail of trick-or-treat finds. The years I could find a house giving away full-sized bars were years I seriously contemplated going home to change costumes and coming back for more.

    Snickers, Facebook
  • REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups

    If candy was a currency, these would be like gold for me. Big ones, small ones, individually wrapped one, ones packed in pairs...these chocolate and peanut butter concoctions were almost always the first things gone from my Halloween haul.

    Reese's, Facebook
  • Tootsie Fruit Rolls

    I know I'll catch some flack for this one, because I know a lot of people that don't like these, but I love 'em! regular Tootsie Rolls are okay...and I always seemed to have hundreds of them littering my trick-or-treat bag. But once I unearthed a few of these fruity little things I was in heaven. Orange, lime, cherry, lemon and vanilla...I still can't pick a favorite.

    Tottsie Rolls, Facebook
  • Laffy Taffy

    I miss the jokes that Laffy Taffy used to be wrapped up in, the jokes just aren't the same any more. But a handful of these made any house a worthy stop on Halloween. (Except for those cursed banana ones, yuck.)

    Wonka, Facebook
  • Caramel Apple Pops

    These things were created about the time I hit 8th grade and the candy world was changed forever. Caramel and sour apple is one of the few flavor combinations that gives chocolate and peanut butter a run for its money.