James Taylor is unquestionably an American Icon- a singer-songwriter with a list of awards and hits as long as your arm.  James played Red Rocks on June 18, 2014, and a few things struck me as ‘odd’ in regards to the show.

America has always had a soft spot in its heart for James Taylor. His songs transcend generations.  Even his songs from back in 1968 remain relevant. ‘Fire and Rain’, ‘You’ve Got A Friend’, ‘Your Smiling Face’- the list goes on. His voice, his words, his music, have all had a way of making everyone feel that they know him. Making them/us feel like he is…our friend.

When a star like that sets out on the road for a tour (especially at his age of 66) you expect a few of things: He’s not going to sound like he did back then- Not that he should! He’s not really going to be jumping all over the stage- No problem- it’s not like he was ever Mick Jagger! And, a LOT of people are going to show up- Indeed they did at Red Rocks!

Here are THREE things that caught me by surprise at James Taylor’s show:

  •  An intermission.  A what?  He did one set, took a 15-20 break, then a second set.  It’s probably due to his age, coupled with the altitude. But, still.. Keep the momentum going James!  Cher – at 68- didn’t take a break!
  • His son was one of his back-up singers! “Big deal Dave- Ben Taylor has been around a long time as a singer like his dad...”. No…it was HENRY Taylor. The boy looked about 14! I found out later that James and his third wife Caroline have TWIN BOYS—Rufus and Henry, born in 2001! Wow!
  • Hardly any standing ovations. This one really upset me. Folks of all ages of were there, of all capabilities; I found it rude to not get up and applaud. I’m not saying that after EVERY song you need to stand up, clap your hands off and hoot and holler. But when this may be the last time you see James Taylor- LIVE- singing the classic “Fire And Rain”, you get up off your butt and thank that man for giving you that song!  I swear- not many people at all got up to applaud after that song!  With the amount of people that were at Red Rocks for the show—you’d think at LEAST 80% would have been on their feet after that song. What the what?

Don't get me wrong, I loved the show! I sang along with songs, the band was great, and James was a lot of fun!

Plus, the he fact that I was there seeing this American treasure AT the American treasure of a venue.. It was nothing short of wonderful. Thank you, James! (Standing)

Here’s a fun one to check out—Henry Taylor on his UNICYCLE!