There are all kinds of products out there that are 'designed for women'. Shoes for her, clothes for her, vitamins for her, and now there is even a car for her, thanks to Honda.

My question is, what about the car is designed for women, other than making everything on it pink?Check out the video from CNN at the bottom of this post to see what Honda is touting for the female drivers of the world. Hmm, pink paint, pink stitching in the seats, pink tweaks on the dashboard, an air conditioner that prevents dry skin, and colors available to "match a woman's eyeshadow."

Maybe the fact that I was two-classes short of a Women's Studies certificate in college, but I have a feeling there are a few women that might be offended by this little marketing campaign. (And a few more that will be mad just because they hate the color pink!)

If you're going to make a car designed for women, shouldn't you go all out and actually design it for them? Maybe alter the seats or steering wheels or tweak some ergonomical feature that better suits a female's body, something other than just "making it pretty". This is just a pink Honda Fit, there's nothing extra-special for women about it.

Now, I know it's just marketing, but for me, this ranks right up there on the asinine-scale with the Dr. Pepper campaign that claimed that Dr. Pepper Ten was "Not for women!"

On a side note, if I ever buy a Honda I think I'm going to ask them to put the "girl air-conditioner" in my car. I'd be ecstatic about an A/C that doesn't dry out my skin.