My fiance Robyn and I have a dog.  His name is Zazu.  But most of the time, that's not anything close to what we call him.

There's been an evolution of nicknames since we got him a little over a year ago.  I think I started calling him "Zomputus Maximus" pretty early on.  Shortly thereafter, Robyn started calling him "Fluffernutter."  Nowadays we've also added simply calling him "Za" to the mix.  I like to say something, and then turn to the dog for affirmation by saying "Huh, Za?"  I always laugh to myself because it sounds like I'm saying "Huzzah!"

So what's the funniest nickname you've ever given to your pet?  Leave a comment and I'll share the best ones right below here, AND on my show!

Best nicknames so far: