I first posted about these guys here when I discovered their 'cello' version of Michael Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal'. Absolutely amazing. They've since become an international sensation thanks to You Tube.

These two men are amazing musicians, but have also brought a new generation to the power of classical music by performing popular music on their cellos.

They have a CD out on SONY and are touring with Elton John.

I thought I'd collect the combined works of Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, both from Croatia, and hope you'll give these guys a listen. Music is their passion and they give so much of themselves. Their humility is refreshing and their talent is unsurpassed.

Listen to what they can do with Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal"

Here they are in an interview:

Then they took on Coldplay
"Viva La Vida"

Shostakovich: Prelude

Bet you'd never thing you'd here Nirvana on the Cello.
"Smells like teen spirit"

How about the Kings Of Leon
"Use somebody"

Then there's this version of U2.
"Where the streets have no name"

And Michael Jackson again.
"Human Nature"

9 Inch Nails did it and Johnny Cash did as well in his later life.

I would love to hear you comments on these clips and hope you enjoy music for the pure art form that it is.