VH1's classic show featuring video's with bubbles of info- is BACK!

"Pop-Up Video"  ran for six years in its first stint: 1996-2002.

After ten years off- how will the show be different?

Read on- to find out!

"Pop Up Video" returned to the airways again Oct 3rd- airing at 10am Mountain time weekdays.

The VH1 staffers scour the internet for the much needed information about the videos and the artists who sing the songs and just other random tidbits that are (or not...) relevant to the videos.

So, really, the show is not much different that its previous run.

Songs and artists may change- but goofy tidbits- are always fun!

Here's a look at one of the first new- Pop-Up Videos!


Let's look back at some of the BEST "Pop-Up Videos" from before:





Billy Joel!



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