I feel so lucky to commute south on 257 from Fort Collins to Windsor every day. The views are good enough for a postcard. Something I noticed is that when there is a clear sky, it is the most spectacular western horizon imaginable.

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When clouds hang over the mountains, it disappears. That inspired me to stop in one exact spot and snap photos to be able to put them next to each other. As I've done this since March, I noticed that the mountains saw quite a bit of snow this year. In fact I was at 10,000 feet this weekend, at the North Park Yurts, and it was still snowing! :)

Enjoy this photo gallery of Long's Peak as it watches over Northern Colorado!

As I was shooting some photos at Windsor Lake I met a nice gentlemen who was also snapping with a very impressive looking zoom lens. Here is his site with some incredible photos of Colorado wildlife!