I admit it. I use my personal Facebook page to promote my work projects.

I don't think people notice too much. My work and my other business pursuits are a big part of me, so they show up on my Facebook page. I feel like if I don't at least let people know what I have going on, I could be missing a hot shot in my down line, a new business partner, or some other type of long, prosperous business relationship.

It's a network, isn't it?

We should be able to tell people when we have something cool going on that may be of interest to them, or find great people who are chasing the same dream.

However, just because there is a digital separation, we shouldn't bother our Facebook friends any more than we do our in person network with our business stuff. I only mention TRI 102.5, my kids books, or network marketing to anyone in person if it comes up organically, as our professional pursuits often do in conversation.

It's the same  thing with Facebook. It should only come up organically.

This is what I do, so this is what you see.

Facebook = 90% whimsical life stuff + 5% details (where we work, live, marriage/kid status) + 5% just-so-you-know-I-do-this (insert projects that benefit you here)

I share what I do on Facebook. But it's almost like you have to deduce that I am mentioning work because the mentions usually come in the form of 'a moment in time' photos. You are very likely to see a microphone, my wife, my dog, skis, water, Townsquare Media events, Susan Moore, golf clubs. You will see my kids book apps and links to buy them. You will see the premium chia blend Mila because I eat it for breakfast every day. All of these things are a part of my life and they all make it onto my Facebook page.

You can grow your network marketing business on Facebook. You can also shrink it.

There are a few different types of connections on Facebook. If you have a business page and people follow it, you can post anything you want on that. Likewise, if you are followed, you are free to market, pitch, sell, and offer anything and everything you want (and may you create all the abundance you would ever desire doing so).

However, if you are not being 'followed', and are in the 'friend' category, selling is no good, but that doesn't mean that your personal Facebook page can't benefit your business, or even generates new leads, prospects and contacts.

My wife and I are independent distributors for Genesis Pure, and I am always looking for new people that can benefit from our products, and more people to join our incredible team.

I never, ever say that on Facebook.

Network marketing is the perfect example for this post, because it is all about finding people in your network to work with you. Some folks make their Facebook page their sales pitch. There is no quicker way to get me and almost everyone else to tune you out or even block or unfriend you.

Don't make offers. Don't sell. Intrigue.

There are 2 steps in network marketing.

Let people know you can help them make money sharing a product they love.

Let them watch you live your life.

That's it. Present. Live a fabulous life. Present. Live. There is no better way to build that business, and no better way to make people want to join you.

That's why I feel I help my business go further when I post another vacation pic, another skiing pic, another mid afternoon weekday motorcycle ride pic, another midday skate park pic, another, another, another.

Sooner or later, people are going to wonder, 'Why does it seem like Paul has so much free time?' or 'Everytime I talk to Paul he is on the golf course/chair lift. How does he do that?'

Facebook is perfect for letting people watch your life, and you can engineer what they see. 'Every picture from Paul seems like he is on vacation'.

What does that indicate? Freedom? Cash? Fun? It's in the eye of the beholder, but I believe it speaks louder than 'Our company is making BIG changes and if you don't sign up by blah blah date, you'll miss out big time!' Save it.
I'm so much more likely to wonder if your team is the one to join if I see you skiing every powder day, not regurgitating your sales pitch when I didn't meet you for an appointment to hear it.

I put photos of Mila here and there without any salesy captions. I post fun pics from our radio station events. I let people know when my books are free or on a great sale. When my mentor who changed my life is in town, I will let people know that there are three days coming up that can change their lives. Other than that, it's all fun, golf, frolicking, smiling with family, skiing, boating, happy, smiling, dog, wife, home, happy. Then an unassuming photo of Mila or status update on another project I have going on will stand out enough to let them know that 'Work is good. You could get in on this energy, too.'

That's all. I believe people are more interested when you don't pitch them. Just post enought about it to let them know it is there, and then let them watch you.