It seems we are all too accepting of being dissed. Dissatisfaction, disappointment, and disillusionment are a part of life right? Well, I, for one, sure hope not! Things do happen in life that are less than ideal, but I'm not willing to accept life as a series of things that happen to us. I believe, rather, that we happen to life.

I believe that our dreams can come true, that we can have lofty goals and achieve them and that we can be truly happy in the short time we have on this amazing planet. My mom was a great lover of phrases, and one of her favorites was "You are your own destiny". Even if that isn't true, I'd rather delude myself with that idea than think something like "Just bear down and get through it, because this could suck". Nope. That's not for me.

If it's not for you either then listen to this wonderful interview with Jenny Gallagher, author of Yen Path: Taking Steps Toward What You Want In Life. Click play and hear how she believes that;

It doesn't take a lot of time to reconnect with those things that bring you good feelings; joy, peace, contenment, whatever it is for you. Those feelings are actually healing. Not only does it make the day feel better but it is actually healing for our bodies.

Thanks to Jenny Gallagher for the great interview!!