A popular Mexican restaurant in midtown Fort Collins is doing all it can to reopen as soon as possible, without having to replace it's whole staff.

Tortilla Marissa's Mexican restaurant, at 2635 S. College Ave., had to close last month after one of its employees tested positive for Hepatitis A.  Now, the owners are starting to get an idea as to when they'll be open again.

According to The Coloradoan, the virus has an incubation period of 50 days.  That means the restaurant would potentially be able to reopen around Aug. 9.

Only the second reported foodborne disease scare at a Larimer County restaurant in the past 10 years, the case of Tortilla Marissa's is rare and its cause difficult to pinpoint. But (owner Mike Piotraschke) says the important part is moving forward.

Tortilla Marissa's could technically reopen earlier; but not without replacing the entire staff, which is something the owners would like to avoid.

Are you a fan of Tortilla Marissa's?  Will you continue to go once it's reopened?  Let us know in the comments.