Sure, we all need to get our recommended daily supply of water. How much is that these days? Eight glasses? 64 ounces?  Whatever. It’s a lot of water, regardless.

I don’t mind drinking water- it’s refreshing; there isn’t any sugar in it (unlike my eight sugared coffees), and it comes pretty cheap.

But let me tell you why I just can’t drink it out of one of those pre-packaged bottles.

Water, water, water. “Drink your water…”. OK. I get it. I do drink a lot of water. I put down about two liters a day. A few years ago, I picked up one of the fancy water ‘containers’. I did so, for a few reasons: A)- Having a ‘special’ one- I always know which water is mine. B)- Recycling.  But the biggest reason is C)- Because it has a cap ATTACHED TO THE BOTTLE! 

I can’t tell you how many water bottles, that I was re-filling and re-filling with water that I would have to give up- because I lost the cap. Even the large waters; that big one from Auqufina was my favorite- it was a full liter- and it had a wide-mouth, so I could drink more at once. I’d have the same bottle for a week or two- cleaning it out and re-filling it; marking the label so that we all knew that it was ‘Dave’s’ water. However, in the end- ‘Where the cap go?’ ‘Not again… Where’s the cap?’.  I kept misplacing or losing the caps! I think most of the times it would fall between the seat and the console in my car. Hard to reach; and by the time I dug it out- too dirty. “I’ll just get another one at 7-11….”

Finally- I decided I was going to search high and low, to find the perfect water container. It

was a tough search- It had to be less than $30 (those things can be pricey!) It had to hold as close to a liter of water a possible. It had to fit in my car’s console. AND, it had to have the cap attached somehow.  Well, after three stops –I found what I was looking for- I think I found it at JAX- I can’t be sure- it’s been a couple of years.  It holds 800 ML – pretty close to a liter. It fits my car’s console- almost perfectly. It was $20. Best of all- the cap is attached to the container- and what luck- it becomes a handle (I’m always carrying six different things from my car into work/into the house!)

So now, to lose the cap- I’d have to lose the whole container. Which (knock on wood) is not likely.

Take that, oh lords of refreshment!