So I felt inclined to write this after reading the latest story of a waitress getting an incredibly large tip.  I'm looking forward to the comments on this one.

So everyone has their own ideas on how tipping people should be done.  There are those that try to follow etiquette, there are those that do it based on quality of service, and the list goes on and on for people.

Maybe you have seen the stories of people getting very large tips.  Are they trying to help someone out?  It could be a way to "Pay It Forward".

But then you dig a little deeper into it.  What about bad service?  Do you still tip them?  Your food is cold, your order is wrong.  There are a lot of factors that go into play here.

So do you follow etiquette, base it on the quality of service, or try to do more than you should because that is the type of person you are?

Maybe you have never worked in this industry or you are unsure about how much to tip.  You can check out some guidelines or etiquette from the crew at CNN Money.

I'm very interested to see the comments on this one.  You can leave them below.