David Petraeus is the former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency who stepped down because of the affair he was having with his biographer. This admission by this very powerful man has many people asking questions about fidelity, marriage, powerful men, and the reasons why people cheat.

The person we don't hear from that often is the other woman. We see the shamed husband, admitting the affair with at least some semblance of humility. We see the wife, always a different view, sometimes leaving the relationship, sometimes staying.

What Jill Di Donato has written in the Huffington Post is pretty rare. She was the mistress. Her philanderer didn't lie and say that he wasn't married.  The affair went on with full knowledge of what she was doing.

It all started with an innocent drink. I was meeting H. for a casual business meeting, as we both work in media. Yes, I knew he was married. Yes, I knew he had a child with his wife. But the next thing I knew, I was with H. at an exclusive party in the Meatpacking District filled with art aficionados and models.