At the 84th Academy Awards on Sunday night, Bret McKenzie was awarded the "Best Original Song" Oscar for his song from The Muppets Movie - "Man or Muppet".

Have you heard the song?

Do you know what band Bret is a member of?

We've got it all inside- Read More to find out!

What a great night Bret McKenzie had at the 84th Academy Awards! His song "Man or Muppet" picked up the Oscar for "Best Original Song"! "(Real in Rio" from the Rio soundtrack was the other nominee).

Take a look at Jason Segel performing the song in the movie--

But who IS Bret McKenzie?

Bret is half of the New Zealand band/comedy duo "Flight Of The Conchords"!

You may have seen their short-lived show on HBO.

Or, you may have been fortunate enough to see Bret along with Jermain Clement live in concert!

What Fun.