Everyday, I find stories that make me wonder what people are thinking. Today's story comes from Florida, the Sunshine State.

Today's "Are you kidding me?" story is about 55-year-old Alexander Springer who came across a "beat-up" and "dehydrated" foot-long alligator by the side of a road, and over a few days nursed the reptile back to health in his bathtub, which Springer festooned with branches to make the ailing alligator feel more at home.


He fed it crickets nursing it back to health.

Well, cops were called to his home on a domestic call, but they found no evidence of abuse, but that's when Alexander's wife, pointed out the alligator there in the tub.

He was ARRESTED! Why ?

He was thrown in jail because unbeknownst to the animal lover, it's a second-degree misdemeanor to possess an alligator without a permit in the Sunshine State.

Are you kidding me ?