I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I was when I came in this morning to find the Tim Tebow, Tebowing Christmas cards for sale on Ebay.

This is America, the proud home of capitalism after all.

Here's the listing on EBAY.

TIM TEBOW TEBOWING Christmas Cards LIMITED EDITION Set of 5 - A Unique Gift!

If you or someone dear to you is a Denver Broncos, Florida Gators, or Tim Tebow fan, then these beautiful and inspirational Christmas cards are certain to draw your interest! The work of a local Southern Colorado artist, these cards are only going to be available for a short period of time, both because Christmas is fast approaching, but also because they are being printed in a limited run of two thousand cards: once they are gone, they will be gone!

The cover of this card features Tim Tebow, the Heisman Trophy winner, dedicated Christian witness, and newly-chosen quarterback of the Denver Broncos, in his signature "Tebowing" pose, paying honor to the Child Jesus. The Star of Bethlehem illuminates the scene, and its light shining for all to see is a reminder of God's Love: a love that embraces everyone, and that turns no one away, no matter their race, nationality, religion, orientation, income level, or disabilities.

The seller says a portion of the proceeds will go to "trustworthy Colorado charities which assist children in need and their families."

While I could go cynical and say this is simple exploitation of Tim Tebow and his faith, I won't.

As a commentator said the other day, if Tebow were a Muslim and openly displaying his faith would he be the subject of so much attention, beyond his skills on the field ? I think not.

I'm going with the thought that the seller is more altruistic and is honoring this young man's convictions.