You've nominated hundreds of your favorite Northern Colorado educators for November, and we've selected some of our favorite stories.  Now it's time to vote!

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The 5 runner-up teachers will also be awarded a gift card from The Melting Pot OR Rodizio Grill OR Union Bar and Soda Fountain in Fort Collins

 May the best school win!

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You can view October's winner Jennifer Roth from Greeley's Frontier Academy HERE!

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  • 1

    Kelly Shepherd - Grandview Elementary - Windsor

    Every day my son comes home from school and has had, "The best day ever!" She is truly one of the greats!

    • Favorite TV Show: Outlander is my #1 favorite TV series.
    • Favorite sports team: The Denver Nuggets
    • Favorite quote: "I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." -Albert Einstein
    • Favorite thing about living in Colorado: The seasons in Colorado are my favorite. I also love going up into the mountains, away from any light pollution, and stare at all the stars. The fabulous theater, music, and art scenes are something that I feel proud of when I say I am from Colorado.
    • Favorite local radio station: 99.9 The Point
  • 2

    Robin Gravelle - Global Village Academy – Fort Collins

    She has a formidable spirit, a fantastic ability to buoy up and strengthen all her students and an all-encompassing love for learning and teaching.

    • Favorite TV show – or the last thing you binge-watched on Netflix: This is Us on NBC
    • Favorite local sports team: The Broncos
    • Favorite quote or most inspirational person in your life: The most inspirational person in my life is my husband, Steve Gravelle.  He has survived Hodgkins Disease twice, had a stem cell transplant, and still teaches 7th grade math every day.  When I'm having a bad day, he puts things in perspective for me.
    • Favorite thing about living in Colorado: Camping and skiing in the mountains and the warm sunny winter days.  (I grew up in Milwaukee and the winters there were long and gray)
    • Favorite local radio station: 94.3 The X - Front Range Alternative
  • 3

    Michelle Ostler - Berthoud Elementary School - Berthoud

    ...always has a smile, she truly blows me away with her genuine compassion for her job and the kids she teaches.


    • Favorite TV show – or the last thing you binge-watched on Netflix: This is funny; I'm not really a fan of scary movies, but one of my co-teachers is; to "practice" watching scary things, I binged on The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix. Adult storylines, but the scary was in there!
    • Favorite local sports team: I've been a Bronco fan since I moved to Colorado as a Senior in high school years ago. It's quite a sight to see Coloradoans coming together in a positive way to cheer our team on!
    • Favorite quote or most inspirational person in your life: The most inspirational woman in my life was my late grandmother. She was the quintessential Southern woman; genteel, kind, and above all else, cool as a cucumber in any situation! I continue to look to her as a role model for the way she lived her life to the fullest, with our family at the core of her being. She was a truly beautiful person, and she is greatly missed and fondly remembered by all who loved her. I hope to be a person she would continue to be proud of.
    • Favorite thing about living in Colorado: I have to say my favorite thing about living in Colorado is the beauty of each season. Having grown up in Southern California, I was not one to get to experience the seasons as they were meant to be experienced.  There were two season there: hot and rainy. Here in Colorado, the seasons are simply beautiful.  Plus, I can laugh at the shorts and sandals worn on Tuesday and the pants and snow boots on's just a great place to live!
    • Favorite local radio station or genre of music? I'm a child of the 80's, so anytime a song from this period of time plays, I'm usually belting out the tunes along with the radio!  I enjoy many types of music, but I think it's the memories that surface of my MTV teenage days of long ago are what keep me coming back to the 80's...they were good times!


  • 4

    Robert Eberle - Mountain View High School - Loveland

    I have honestly never felt more accepted and appreciated in a classroom, as I do in his. His eagerness to hear not only mine but other people’s input just blows my mind. He is the type of teacher that could start an impactful, important movement to change the world.


    • Favorite TV show: Game of Thrones
    • Favorite local sports team – St. Louis Cardinals baseball- I was born in St. Louis during the 67 World Series Cardinals v. Red Sox-Cards won. The Broncos are next.
    • Favorite quote or most inspirational person in your life: "If i do not speak with care, my words are wasted. If I do not listen with care, words are lost. If I do not remember carefully the very purpose of words is frustrated." N. Scott Momaday
    • Favorite thing about living in Colorado: Everything outdoors.
    • Favorite local radio station? Toss up- 99.9 The Point and 94.3 The X.
  • 5

    Lacey Zwirn - Monfort Elementary School - Greeley

    Mrs. Zwirn is an amazing teacher who supports the whole student. Not only does Mrs. Zwirn challenge the students academically and behaviorally to be their best, she also supports their physical and emotional well being.

    • Favorite TV show – or the last thing you binge-watched on Netflix
    • Any and all medical dramas; Grey's Anatomy, 911, Chicago Med, and New Amsterdam, plus How to Get Away with Murder. I can't pass up awell written show.
    • Favorite local sports team – Broncos, Rockies, Avalanche, ETC (if not a Colorado team – then who and why?)
    • I love to get invited to my kiddos (students) games or dance recitals. My favorite local sports team is definitely little league football. Although, I've been to some pretty exciting basketball games! Big sports, not so much.
    • Favorite quote or most inspirational person in your life
    • A quote that I have on my school web page for my parents before my biography is: "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn,” by Benjamin Franklin. I love this quote because it is how I teach most of what I share with my students. So much of what my students do is in small groups or hands-on. In first grade they are becoming so much more independent as they go through everyday things without an adult helping every second. If they can be involved in their learning, then they can show others what they know, too.
    • Favorite thing about living in Colorado
    • I love the weather in Colorado and the diverse landscape! The weather can be a bit crazy, but you can't beat the blue skies in the Fall and the perfect crisp days. I grew up on the Plains in Sterling and now living in Greeley, I get to drive home facing the mountains each day. I'm an hour's drive away from Estes Park; my favorite place to visit. I have vacationed there or visited each year since moving West in 2004.
    • Favorite local Townsquare Radio Station of Genre of Music?
    • I have two girls, one who is six and the other will be two in just a week. When driving with them, which is most of the time, we drive without the radio on because I simply love to hear their voices or my littlest one trying to sing along with whatever my six year old makes up. When we do want music, I play K99 because COUNTRY. I have listened to Teacher Tuesday in the mornings prior to this email, and I excitedly shared with my principal I knew what this email was about! I love that teachers are acknowledged by their community members! When I'm on my own cruising without children, I live a little more on the wild side and listen to 99.9 The Point.
  • 6

    Elicia Hamilton - Joyful Foundation Preschool - Johnstown

     Ms. Elicia is the sweetest and most patient person I know. She is an exceptional person and teacher!

    • Favorite TV show: Gilmore Girls! I could watch that show over and over again!
    • My favorite local sports teams: The Rockies!
    • Favorite quote or most inspirational person in your life: I love quotes but this is among my favorites  “For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” Audrey Hepburn.
    • Favorite thing about living in Colorado: Getting to experience all four seasons (and the mountains)!
    • Favorite local radio station? 99.9 The Point is my favorite radio station!