Most Popular Baby Names and Naming Trends in 2015
BabyCenter released a list of the most popular baby names and naming trends in 2015 - while the most popular baby names are quite traditional, one of the hottest baby name trends this year was naming one's child after Instagram filters.
For boys, the name Lux went up 75% in popularity over last …
16 Christmas-Inspired Baby Names
Expecting around the holidays? Consider naming your child one of these Christmas-inspired baby names! Flip through the photo gallery below to see them.
What names would you add to the collection?
Mom Arrested for Giving 10-Month-Old Son THIS to Stop Crying
An Arkansas mother was arrested for giving her 10-month-old son bourbon to stop him crying. She was charged with child endangerment and aggravated assault.
Lori Sheppard, 28, is said to have put bourbon in her son's bottle to stop him from crying as he suffered from painful gums last week...
11 Colorado-Inspired Baby Names
Expecting? Consider naming your bun one of these Colorado-inspired names!
Flip through the photo gallery below for boy, girl, and unisex baby names inspired by our beautiful state! 
Top 20 “Nicest” Baby Names
Though it’s impossible to tell about a child’s personality solely on their name, there’s new data that suggests which baby names have been proven to be the “nicest.”
A site called School Stickers followed about 60,000 kids and the number of stickers they receiv…

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