It wasn't until I pulled the laundry out of the dryer and found this pair of 'shorts' that I giggled as I remembered the story. The shorts had been leggings before Susan Walker (aka Parker) cut them off for me at the Greeley Stampede.

It was Saturday, July 5th and HOT during our broadcast from our RV at the Stampede.
This picture shows Todd, Butch and me in long black leggings, what was I thinking???

Susan Walker is the beautiful blond pictured above.   When I told her about my situation she grabbed my hand and we headed to the Greeley Stampede Office in search of scissors.If you've ever tried to cut fabric with the office scissors, you know it's not easy, and that's why we have to cut her some slack on the unevenness. (and yes, beer was involved :)

I wore the 'shorts' under this long top/short dress to meet and introduce Big and Rich and must say I was COOL!!!

What a blessing to have the most fun friends on the planet.

Incidentally, I did ask Mr. Rich about the old stud LeRoy. He paused for a moment before smiling and said, " Old LeRoy is out to pasture and doing great.  He does go for an occasional ride...'