The Streetmosphere program is in its third year and going strong. The motto "Surprise around every corner" is a perfect description of what you can expect when you head out on the weekend in Fort Collins. Performers of all types will be seen all over Old Town, and this year Streetmosphere expands south to Front Range Village starting July 6.

So, whether you are on a quest for something delicious to eat, need that cute handbag or dress, or are just taking some time to yourself, expect entertainment when you head out this summer.

While the musical performances are among my favorites, I have to say that there have been some magicians that have blown me away. The point is that you don't know what you are going to see, except that you are going to see something, and it might just be something great!


I spoke with Kari Munson about the program's third year and expansion.

We have a bunch of great talent out there. 65 different acts will be performing throughout the summer. We go through labor day weekend downtown. We have everything from music of all different genres, classical music, bluegrass, a tank drum player, a ton of variety out there. We have visual artists painting and weaving and making pottery and we have some dance troupes as well, so it's pretty exciting.