With connections to almost 100 Winter Olympics athletes, Steamboat Springs, CO may be the town that is the most excited about the opening of the Sochi Games.

In this article, the Steamboat Pilot lists all of the Olympians, past and present, that have some type of connection to the town.

From their Director of Skiing, Billy Kidd, who was the first American man to win an Olympic medal for skiing to Todd Ludwick, who is competing this year in his sixth Olympic games, there are a lot of Olympians who train there, and then fall in love with the town and decide to call it home.

The Steamboat Pilot said this about how they compiled their list.

The resources for compiling this list were the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club and the Tread of Pioneers Museum. The list includes Olympians who grew up here, Olympians who trained here, Olympians who moved here and Olympians from other countries who trained or lived here.

Here are a few of the athletes on the list.

Billy Kidd

Getty Images-Handout

Billy is Steamboat's official Olympian. He is one of the people that runs the ski resort. He's lived there pretty much since he won his silver medal. He's the figurehead of the resort and, in many ways, the town.

Jana Lindsey

Jana is competing in this year's games and was in the 2006 Olympics as well.

Todd Lodwick

Getty-Phillippe Montigny

This is Todd's 6th Winter Olympics, and he's the one carrying the U.S. flag as the athletes enter during the opening ceremonies.

See the full list here.