It's funny this article should come along, because my mom was on a recent visit, and told my wife that if she could recommend anything for us (we may be having a baby sometime soon) it would be that Sarah keep a few toes of one foot in the working world.

I didn't need to completely quit work, and when I did, it was hard to get back in.

That was some really good, honest advice, I thought, and was interested to see the internet talking about it too.

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 In her article 'Why I Regret Being a Stay At Home Mom' written by Lisa Heffernan for the Huffington Post, she talks about the challenges she faced coming back to the workforce after so long a time completely out of it.

Her advice?

Keep a toe in the water. Keep a 'pilot light' under your professional life. If you keep that pilot light going, the transition back into the workplace is aided.