On March 5th, the Fort Collins City Council will vote on whether or not to ban oil and gas development within the city.  If the ban passes, Gov. Hickenlooper says he will be obligated to sue the city.

The Coloradoan reports that such a ban is a violation of state law.

Hickenlooper told CBS4 that banning oil and gas exploration and production within Fort Collins’ city limits is a “taking” of the mineral rights of the city’s own citizens.

He said the state has “no choice” but to sue every city, town or county that chooses to ban oil and gas development and fracking.

I understand that there are environmental concerns surrounding fracking, but I sure don't want my tax dollars going towards a lawsuit with my own state.  I may be over-simplifying here, but laws are there for a reason.  Could we please not get caught up in a huge legal battle over natural resources that we desperately need?

If the ban passes, will you support the city of Fort Collins, or the State of Colorado?  Tell me why in the comments!