When I joined  Spirit of Women several months ago I knew I would meet other like minded women who wanted to have a little (or a lot) healthier lifestyle.  That was a great move on my part.

Last night we met at NCMC in Greeley for part of the 2014 Women's Wellness Series:
PASSPORT TO HEALTH! GREECE: Bring Out Your Inner Athlete!  We learned that
diet and exercise shouldn't be just a New Year's resolution and how to "go the distance"  Dr. Susan Carter (Banner Health Clinic - GYN) and Julie Gormley, RD (NCMC Registered Dietician) were inspiring with their messages.

Susan has been athletic all of her life and challenged us to just MOVE!  She especially
encouraged us to go outside for a walk and to enjoy the gifts of nature. She told us Exercise is Medicine.

Julie showed us how to load up a plate that's half fruits and veggies, leaving a little room for protein and starches.  When you see a meal with proper proportions it makes you
think. Julie also addressed some myths about fad dieting

Ashley, a King Soopers nutritionist was onsite and offered to help people shop for healthy food at King Soopers.

We wore our gold medals and togas (over our clothes) and enjoyed fabulous Greek foods like Spanakopita and Baklava.  Please  think about joining us for our next get-together next month.   Get Details HERE: Spirit of Women