Matt and Trey-- you have to hand it to these guys. A couple of jokers from Boulder who came up with a stupid, crass, belligerent (but damn funny) bunch of grade school kids, and turned them into to comedy gold. Now, Stone and Parker have just inked a South Park deal that would make Cartman squeal with joy!

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South Park launched on Comedy Central in 1997. Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny-- 4th graders with nothing to do and nothing to lose in Colorado. The show has been great! Very funny and often times very relevant to what’s happening in current society. That’s not even to mention their Broadway hit Book of Mormon or Butters!

Matt Stone and Trey Parker have earned every penny that they’ve raked in, in my opinion.  They have now signed a deal with Hulu that’s ground-breaking, much like South Park itself.

Hulu will be paying a whopping $192 million for this new series. Half of that motherlode will go to Comedy Central’s parent company (Viacom) and the other half will go to Trey and Matt.

Hulu recently made a huge deal for all the seasons of Seinfeld for $160 million. This deal is bigger, because South Park is still being produced, and will be, for at least another five years. All of South Park’s 23 seasons up to now will be available on Hulu, and as new shows air on Comedy Central, they’ll be available on Hulu the next day. That’s the groundbreaking part-- the show is on TV and is being paid for by digital.

The guys are very excited and proud of the deal, because when it comes to online distribution of their show, they’ve have been very smart. You may know about how strict YouTube is about licensing and such. Most of the rules that people abide by today on YouTube and other online distributors are because Parker and Stone, along with their lawyers, made sure that they didn’t get pirated.

"This is now particularly satisfying," said Stone in a recent discussion. "It comes full circle since the tech guys came to Hollywood and said you better give us your stuff for free to put online or else it will be taken from you anyway."

Hulu has been on a tear, out there picking up ‘major franchises’ for their service like Seinfeld and CSI. For them to put South Park in that ‘major franchise’ category, I think, is a great deal; not just for Matt and Trey, but for Colorado as well!

I say we all should celebrate with a trip to Casa Bonita!

Most of the clips you can find on YouTube of South Park aren't really fit for our site, so here's an interview of Matt and Trey on Letterman!

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