Ever lock eyes with someone in a coffee shop, walking down the street or even at in the car next to you when stopped at a red light? Maybe you thought there was a spark, and you wanted to say hello, or at least you wanted to know that they noticed you too? Well, New Scientist has identified six specific things you can do to make a stranger notice you and even fall in love with you:

  1. Let your body speak for you -- Learn to use nonverbal body language to signal "I like you."
  2. Experience fear together -- When you meet a stranger in a dramatic setting in which you're both aroused with a bit of fear, it can really kick-start a love affair. Like where? Take a roller coaster ride together or go to a movie theater and watch a suspense-filled thriller.
  3. Share a joke -- Love and laughter go together. Sharing an experience that makes you both laugh creates feelings of closeness between strangers.
  4. Get the soundtrack right -- A study from North Adams State College in Massachusetts showed that women find men more attractive when they listen to soft rock, compared with listening to avant-garde jazz or no music.
  5. Love potion No. 9 -- Sorry, there isn't a magic potion you or your pretty stranger can take to make love bloom. But you may be surprised to learn that exercise--yeah, a hot, sweaty, out-of-breath workout--increases the levels of dopamine, which can simulate the euphoria of falling in love.
  6. Gaze into her eyes -- Eye contact really is so emotional and powerful that feelings of closeness and attraction skyrocket when we hold the gaze of another person. Why? It's all in your head--literally, your brain. Staring into someone's eyes lights up the brain regions that are associated with rewards.

[ via New Scientist ]