After that brutal arctic blast last fall, your trees may not be blooming to their full potential, but don't worry, help is on the way. On June 23, the Town of Windsor will be hosting Sick Tree Day. 

Julia Sudnitskaya, ThinkStock

According to Mary and Bill Monroe of the Windsor Tree Board, many trees were not prepared for dormancy before the dramatic temperature drop last November (the Polar Vortex that caught all of us off guard, too).  That may have affected the return of shrubs and trees in your yard this spring.

The Windsor Tree Board advises that you do not fertilize struggling plants, but instead, 'remove dead tree branches, but do not remove live material when they are so severely stressed.' In addition to that, Dr. Alison O’Connor, Horticulture Agent for Larimer County, suggests that 'stressed' shrubs that may still be alive will require a lot of pruning, so don't be afraid to bust out those clippers.

If you feel like your yard needs serious saving, the Town of Windsor is offering residents a free consultation with horticulture experts on June 23 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. By reserving an appointment time, they will visit your property and offer suggestions and advice on how to bring life back into your landscape.

Call the Community Recreation Center at 970-674-3500 to reserve a slot now before they fill.