The 6,000-resident town of Wellington wants its own police services, but the Larimer County Sheriff thinks it's a bad idea.

The Coloradoan reports Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith wrote an open letter via Facebook post to the people of Wellington, discouraging the small town North of Fort Collins from founding their own police department.

Smith in his post said the proposal to create a separate force “relied on below-market salaries, used equipment and minimized officer training to project lower costs to the town board.”

“The honest reality is that those methods translate into low hiring standards, high turnover and officers ill-prepared to serve the needs of the community,” he wrote.

Currently, Wellington contracts police services from Smith's office, at a price of around $628,000 per year.

Some Wellington residents think Smith has some good points, while others say Smiths deputies don't identify well with Wellington's people.

What do you think?